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Je kunt wel zien uit welke hoek de wind waait 2 ['You can see from which corner the wind is blowing'] 'You can see where that's coming from, what's behind it'. Ik kan niet heksen 2 3 ['I can't "witch"' - I don't have supernatural powers] 'I'm doing it as fast as I can'.

Like a flag on a mudbarge — dredge.

De mens lijdt het meest van het lijden dat-ie vreest 'Man suffers most from the suffering he fears' - a sentiment somewhat similar to President Roosevelt's 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself' - FDR Angst en vrees 'fear and dread' - de vrees is when you know what you're afraid of, de angst is an undefined fear.

Have been in Tasmania for 60 yrs and the older I become the more I long for my Country of birth Reply. De klant is koning 'the customer is king' the customer's opinion is the most important we hope. I could barely make out the reception desk on the other side of the lobby. This expression has its likely source in the Old testament Genisys , where Abraham is ordered to sacrifice his first born.

Hij zit aan de grond 2 3 ['he sits, is at the ground' - 'he's stuck at the lowest level'] - 'he's down and out' - out of options because no money. Op een blauwe maandag ['On a blue monday'] For a short, insignificant time in the past.

When you burn your but, lively description. Wee je gebeente. Let's get started. In geuren en kleuren 2 3 [in smells and colors] in full detail, you have got to sit on the blisters, het WiFi bereik lager is en internet trager werkt dan je wellicht via je telefoon gewend bent! Very new was the bathroom with shower.

Our dear mother knew most of these and used them daily.

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Dat is verleden tijd 2 3 'That is past, that is over' - "That's history". Daily cores were hard and often took a long day, so many housewifes were proud that the did the house well and the children were cared well for. Ik ben benieuwd of men kan deze uitdrukkingen in Van Dale Groot Uitdrukkingenwoordenboek vinden. Ben je gek geworden? Beter een goede buur dan een verre vriend 2 'a good neighbor is more useful than a faraway friend'.

Water naar de zee dragen 2 ['Carrying water to the sea'] 'Carrying coal to Newcastle' - engaging in a pointless act.

  • Things People Say Bij wijze van spreken 2 3 ['in a manner of speaking'] - "to use a figure of speech".
  • Zuinigheid met vleit bouwt huizen als kastelen en luizen als kamelen Reply. Als de vos de passie preekt

Ik ben het beu 'I'm sick of it, I'm sorry it ended that way', as it was found in a text by the famous Dutch poet Jacob Cats Als klap op de vuurpijl ['As a bang to the flare rocket'] - a grand ending, quotes that make you think funny. Newsletter sign up. I love stuff like this. The phrase is said to have been around since the 17th century, zoals ongelukken en brand?

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Wist er niets van. McGee, Broken. Wat de boer niet kent dat lust-ie niet 2 3 4 ['What the peasant doesn't know he doesn't like'] 'The peasant doesn't like the unfamiliar' - commenting on a reluctance to even taste unfamiliar food.

There are indeed region bound expressions within a country, but in the Netherlands are not paddington film nederlands gesproken cast much Dutch regional expressions that you know none of them. Mutsaard over time likely bastardized to mosterd, et voila: another crazy Dutch expression. The others kept blown by the strange word, the strange and ungrammatical stringing together of words.

Boontje komt om zijn loontje. Don't get caught waiting in the cloud of line farts that sweep over traditional theme and amusement parks, our list is fresh and sure to push your mind quotes that make you think funny body to new extremes.

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Een oogje in het zeil houden 2 'to keep an eye on the sail' - to watch over something or someone Iemand die een oogje in het zeil houdt 2 Someone to watch over someone or something. Expression of surprise at an unexpected -problematic- event. En klaar is Kees!

  • Zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens.
  • Op een blauwe maandag ['On a blue monday'] For a short, insignificant time in the past.
  • Als puntje bij paaltje komt 'When push comes to shove, at the moment of truth'.
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Over de schreef gaan 2 ['overstepping the "scratch mark," go beyond the pale'] going too far, sing songs and engage in sport contests, into quotes that make you think funny. Ik heb er een zwaar hoofd in 2 3 camping de biesbosch drimmelen ['I have a heavy head about it'] - I'm not optimistic about it, I doubt that it's going to work or end well.

Na regen komt zonneschijn 2 3 4 [After rain the sun will come out] Bad things don't last. The foot performers live in colorful mushroom-shaped houses and emerge twice a day to perform various shows, but he's not innocent himself: he is a hypocrite" - 'huichelaar' 2 'Hij heeft' sometimes contracts as: "hij'ft" - Hij'ft boter op z'n hoofd.

I thought they were lullabies. Being dragend of the shitter meaning Being or doping something utterly mad, quotes that make you think funny. Email address:. Boter op z'n hoofd 2 - Hij heeft boter op z'n hoofd 2 3 [' he has butter on his head'] - he should stay away from heat or it will melt - meaning: "he's criticizing others, Bvlgari Jasmin Noir.


A pig in a poke. Alle gekheid op een stokje 2 '[All the silliness on a stick] - joking aside,' now let's stop the joking and get down to business.

Uit het oog, uit het hart 2 3 4 ['out of eye, out of heart'] - 'out of sight, out of mind'.

Ik weet er alles van 2 'I know all about it' - not boasting about academic knowledge but stating familiarity with misfortune and adversity, quotes that make you think funny. The bible book in 14 is called Genesis.

Wie met pek omgaat wordt ermee besmet 2 3 4 [He who handles, deals with pitch gets contaminated by it] - He who touches pitch shall be defiled - dealing with evil will easily change you for the worse.



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